Enabling economic inclusion and participation for all with a focus on emerging markets

Our companies leverage proprietary technological infrastructure, our on-ground networks and partnerships and deep data science to solve some of the most complex problems in emerging markets.

Behind the scenes, we enable seamless payments, value transfers for mobile top up and data, utility and gaming payouts, and buy now pay later experiences for the world’s cutting edge businesses

Our group’s leading B2B Fintech infrastructure companies around the world

Global payments infrastructure company, allowing Fintechs, Banks and Marketplaces to accept, settle, and make payments in 130+ countries around the world, and offering AML and compliance services through its investment in Tookitaki

Digital value services platform enabling transfers of data, prepaid top-ups, bill payments, vouchers and more

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B2B2C digital lending and credit scoring solutions for micro credit and digital services across emerging markets

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Highly customised Intelligence-as-a-service solution for insights on the next billion and how they use financial services

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Our People

Operating in
160 countries

570 people


our customers

Mobile Operators

Digital wallets & Super apps

PSPs & Fintechs

Marketplaces & Merchants

If you are a startup who shares our vision and passion for emerging markets and believe our networks and capabilities can leapfrog your success, connect with us for a strategic discussion

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